Monday, 1 April 2013

McFarlane on Thomas

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Possible snow is forecast for tonight.  Deep joy.  Yet it feels very mild out right now and room temps are up to a high of 15 degrees pre heating.  With heating they struggle to make an extra degree, but we have to ration the heating oil and have very little very dry wood - it is still trying to dry out from last summer . . .

I spent several very happy hours reading and note-taking on Edward Thomas's walks and exploits.  Since my husband was busy watching rugby all Saturday afternoon, this was a pleasure even more gratefully taken.  Someone had written that he walked "on the edge of consciousness".  In my work on him, I would say that it was closer to the edge of sanity . . .  The McFarlane book "The Old Roads"  is a joy.   I loved McFarlane's take on Thomas's emotional constipation and how Helen's selfless incorruptable love brought out the worst in him - seemingly tempting him to greater and greater emotional browbeating of her in an attempt to break her love - since the more she loved him, the deeper the guilt he felt.  Having personally seen this in action, I know it for its total negativity. 

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  1. Dear Bovey Belle
    No criticism, but just to mention - 'In Pursuit' wasn't his last prose book - after it came 'Marlborough', 'Four and twenty Blackbirds' and 'A Literary Pilgrim in England'. And you know they weren't really living on a pittance - he earned about the equivalent of a Professor's salry - but only by working impossibly hard.